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ORTUS Furniture located inJeżewie 6A  89-210 Łabiszyn, VAT No 554-231-16-21 hereinafter referred to as ORTUSFURNITURE.EU secures  all Users of www sites the right of choice in terms of providing information related to them. ORTUSFURNITURE.EU informs that cookies technology, i.e. text files, is used in order to register information about the websites visited by a User and performed actions.

“Cookies” – what is it?

Cookies are small pieces of information saved by the browser of your computer. Why are cookies applied? Thanks to cookies, preferences that  you choose while setting up certain things, for example a city setting in a weather forecast or recently  viewed auctions,  are remembered by websites. Cookie DOES NOT contain any personal data. Cookie DOES NOT influence your software or hardware. Another significant thing is that only ORTUSFURNITURE.EU is able to read cookies.

For your own convenience it is worth to know and to consciously use cookies files.

What are cookies files used for?

♦ Cookies are used to create statistics that help to understand how users use websites which enables improvement of their functionality and content.

♦ Thanks to cookies, a session is kept and a user does not have to type their credentials on every subpage.

♦ Cookies help to adjust the content and way of displaying websites, in particular, allow to detect User’s device and display a website appropriately suited to their individual needs.

♦ The content of services is better adjusted to users’ preferences, for example advertisements.

In the most cases a browser allows user’s terminal equipment to store cookies by default.

Users can change the settings of cookies on their computers any time. The settings can be changed in the following ways: to automatically block cookies operation or to inform a user about cookies placed on their device. If the changes in cookies settings are not done, cookies will be saved on the terminal device of user and therefore they will be stored in the device that can obtain access to the data. Disabling cookies can cause difficulties in using some of Internet services, in particular the services requiring login. Disabling cookies does not cause the lack of possibility to read a content placed on the Internet services, apart from a content that is available after login. Detailed information about the possibilities and ways of cookies handling, including their enabling and disabling, is available in a browser’s settings.